I have outfitted my camper van with a mobile sound system and stage and am ready to hit the road! I can do an ‘outdoor house concert’ from any of the following locations: driveway, front yard, back yard, boat ramp, police station parking lot, empty pool, highway underpass, abandoned fairground, airplane hangar, desert sanctuary, canyon river bed, and low tide clam flat. I will drive to you and don’t care about bugs, crazy neighbors, or wild animals. We can work on Covid safe guidelines, maximums etc. And like a well tempered dog, I have had my shots.

If you can gather twenty plus friends/neighbors on a weekend (Thursday- Sunday) we can put together a show before I forget the words to my songs. If you want to know more email me at kevingconnolly@gmail.com or holler at 781-405-8519. Could be fun!


  • Fees: minimum expectation of 20 people paying suggested 20 dollars/ticket through Brown Paper Tickets or Venmo. Basically a $400 minimum for New England gigs, little bit more for beyond. I can provide link for both.
  • Maximum number that currently feels safe is around 50.
  • Setting: Whatever works for you. If you want to do an outdoor house concert, or if you're having a 'party' and want cool music- I can plan  or adapt to either.
  • Show Format : typical 2x 50 minute sets with a break in between, or one long set of 90 minutes. Will happily DJ music before and after to create fun atmosphere. Note:'Djing' is really just playing good music off my phone, or yours.
  • Material : can do my standard singer-songwriter show(100% originals ), or Mule Variations (100% cool songs from Pops Staples, Tom Waits, JJ Cale, Van Morrison etc.), or a combination (ie. one set Original, one set Mules).  Your choice since you know what would work best.
  • Additional Musicians/Band: available for additional fee (within 120 miles of Boston). Bass and drums would be typical additions. This format would work well for a 'party.'
  • Gear : I provide a sound system and 'stage' appropriate for setting/space.  Volume adjusted as needed. All I require is an extension cord that can reach the performance space/area or nearby outlets.
  • Typical Outdoor Set Up (i.e.): front yard show with friends/neighbors bringing their own lawn chairs, sometime late afternoon, early evening. Time to mingle and hangout before and after.
  • Weather: schedules allowing, we agree on rain date (usually next day) and make a decision together.  If the next day is not available we can reschedule, or cancel if necessary.
  • Miscellaneous: if host has ideas for other shows in the area that is helpful but not an obligation.
  • For 'Friends' : if you want to skip the whole ticket thing and do a $400 fee with Venmo on site ‘tips’ (communicated however you want) deducted from from fee or in addition that is fine as well.
  • Contracts: no contracts, email is fine.
  • Covid: we want everyone to be safe, so your responisiblity is to communicate expectations clearly to guests. 



Kevin plays in a variety of formats from solo to duo to full band. He is available for coffeehouse concerts, clubs, and house concerts.

To access Electronic Press Kit (EPK): http://kevinconnolly.com/kevin-connolly-epk

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