Camper Van Connolly: The Driveway Concerts

Last summer I played shows from DC to Rochester to downeast Maine. Everyone one of them was different, and everyone fun. With my mobile sound system camper I played and DJ’d my way through lighting storms, cicada invasions and a golf ball through the windshield. Solo and band shows were held on lawns, porches, driveways, parapets, in garages, and public parks. The occasions: outdoor house concerts, block parties, birthdays, sword swallowing competitions and mud wrestling after parties.

It all worked out just fine, and it’s time do it again! If you’re interested in doing your own 'Driveway Concert' call/message me at 781.405.8519, or



  • Setting: Whatever works for you. If you want to do an outdoor house concert, or if you're having a 'party' and want cool music- I will adapt to either.
  • Show Format : typical 2x 50 minute sets with a break in between, or one long set of 90 minutes. Will happily DJ music before and after to create fun atmosphere. 
  • Fee: $400 guarantee minimum (as and example could be funded by minimum 20 attendees paying $20 ticket)
  • Material : I can do my standard singer-songwriter show(all originals), or Mule Variations (cool songs from Pops Staples, Tom Waits, JJ Cale, Van Morrison etc.), or a combination (ie. one set Original, one set Mules).  Your choice since you know what would work best.
  • Band: available for additional fee (within 120 miles of Boston). Bass, drums and/or electric guitar would be typical additions. This format would work well for a 'party.'
  • Gear : I provide a sound system and 'stage' appropriate for setting/space.  Volume adjusted as needed. You provide the electricity.
  • Typical Outdoor Set Up:front or backyard show with friends/neighbors bringing their own lawn chairs late afternoon, early evening. Time to mingle and hangout before and after.
  • Weather: schedules allowing, we agree on rain date (usually next day) and make a mutual decision if weather becomes a factor.  If the next day is not available we can reschedule, or cancel if necessary,no worries.
  • Miscellaneous: if host has ideas for other shows in the area that is helpful, but not an obligation.
  • Contracts: email is fine.



Kevin plays in a variety of formats from solo to duo to full band. He is available for coffeehouse concerts, clubs, and house concerts.

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