Long Conversation
  • Long Conversation
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Produced by long-time guitar player Chris Rival, “Long Conversation” (2002) is probably the most roots influenced thing that Kevin Connolly has done. Pedal steel, mandolin and lots of acoustic guitars add new sounds and textures. Kevin even got James and Frank together for a mini-reunion recording session. The songs range from the introspective “Cold Little House” to whimsical satire in a song like “I Love Me”—a first ever-traditional Irish song “Raglan Road” was also something new and different. This is a very warm sounding record with a dry, natural room sound to it. Ducky and Tom Sheppard help out on a bunch of songs and Nicolas Nobili, a childhood friend and great photographer/artist in his own right, took the photos that range from pictures of Cape Cod to the Black Sea in Turkey.

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