In the winter of 2018, I got a call to come and play at at place called Right Turn in Watertown, MA. An old bandmate of mine Jim Gildea had organized a Tom Petty tribute band with two former members of Boston's legendary Del Fuegos. It turns out that Right Turn is an addiction recovery center started by Woody Giesman (drums) over thirty years ago. He and Brother Cleve (keyboards) had some stories to tell about being on the road with Petty and his band in the late 80's and we all shared stories about what his music had meant to us over the years. Tom Petty was an iconic American songwriter, who we will most likely never see the likes of again. And the only way to do justice to his memory we figured was to dig deep and keep his music alive- not for profit but out of love and respect for the canon of work. We stay true to the original arrangements but try our best to give the songs a new lift so that they remain fresh, alive and rocking as they were meant to be. I get to play Petty, which ain't easy I can tell you for a variety of reasons.  Drew Townson (guitar) and Jim Gildea (bass) round out the band. We played a bunch of gigs and will continue to do so when the spirit and situation move us. Long live Tom Petty!


Right Turn is our home base and a 501C3 non profit organization. If you want to learn more and support them check out Right Turn