1. Lost


You get lost like a wave on the ocean
Can get lost in the eyes of a girl
Been working my way back through the woods
I got lost in the ways of the world
Lost in my thoughts when I’m dreaming
down in the trenches I curled
Well I bumped my head and broke my heart
What am I gonna do
Better figure out where you’re going
But you don’t know what you know
When you’re lost.
You followed him down to the river
Deep in the water you flowed
Love’s a depth that you won’t regret
Tell me something that I just don’t know
Bridge- Stuck on some horizon , one you cant keep eyes on and you don’t
really know , who you are.
When you’re lost
Here comes the satellite system
Here comes the fork in the road
Maybe take a breath and make a bet
See what happens if you just let go
Maybe close your eyes and see what happens sometimes if you just let go
c. Kevin Connolly/ Kevin Connolly Music (ASCAP)