Getting the Band Back Together: KCB Reunion Gig!

 I miss these guys- Chris, Scott and Ducky (drums- not in picture). We were like brothers for years playing original music in bars in Boston. How daring! Chris and Ducky continue to produce music in their studios for lots of famous and talented people. Scott built a house, moved to Vermont and is now the happy father of two little girls with his great wife Jenna. We all still keep in touch and we all still like each other. Maybe because we never did a big world tour. Oh well. And I'm pretty sure we still have similar tastes in music. That doesn't always happen in a band. And what I remember the best is as musicians we all liked to listen to each other. That's missing, in a lot of places, today. We knew, and I'm betting still do, what was coming next. That's a rare connection to have with anyone, let alone someone that you play with for a couple of decades. We never practiced. Never even considered it. Everything was fresh and spontaneous and not talked about. That was my favorite part. Johny Cash once said something about how his favorite approach to making a record was to just walk in and start playing. That was his way of  saying hello to the other musicians. All you needed to do was have the right people in the room and  know what song you were going to sing. What else do you need? We'll be doing something like that on Saturday, September 7th at Bull McCabe's in Somerville. If you're around come by and we'll tell you some stories. 

New Song 'Kitchen Wall' performed for first time at sold out Club Passim September, 2018

Music Video 'Suitcase and a Rifle" Directed and Edited by Paul Trainor

'Freshman Year' Blog

Freshman Year- Right around now, almost 40 years ago, I quit the college football team where I was supposed to play quarterback and joined a different family. The gospel choir got me through freshman year. I met the director Tyra Bryant (front right) in the music library the day after turning in my helmet and pads. I was listening to The Clash’s green album and she was listening to something magical and meaningful bleeding through the headphones. I needed to know what it was. So I leaned over and tapped her on the shoulder. We started talking and she invited me to a rehearsal. I went and joined. The warmth and passion of the group was a buoy that I would cling to when I felt like I didn’t belong, and was overwhelmed with challenging classes and shameful lack of preparation. Since I don’t know exactly what religion is, I’ll paraphrase Kurt Vonnegut who said “if there was any proof that there is a God in the world, it would be music”. Music fills me up and makes me feel connected to the world and for that I am grateful. Freshman year is tough. Any beginning is. We are reminded because we have another one now. Just keep your ears open I guess.



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