Invisible Thought of you last night when the song came into my head One of the ones we used to sing drinking wine sitting on the edge of your bed About a person persevering through difficult conditions Your harmonies and jagged voice used to get up under my skin Then you asked me the prom and like a fool I just said no We could have laughed our asses of making fun of everybody we know Platonic we were, but no-one could understand How we could love each other just as much just being real good friends Down Canoe Tree street we’d glide in your grandma’s old Dodge Dart Turn the headlights off the radio up and then just sail beneath the starsIt was stupid it was dangerous but under pine trees we would glide Into another world where no-one else could hide..invisible I was sitting at the bar at our last high school reunion A little awkwardly at first I blabbered on about my kids Then you told me about your job and how your husband beat you I just looked down at the floor listened to every word you said Just listening. Then I wrote you a long letter but I got no real reply Might have been too intense maybe tried to hard I hope I didn’t make you cry Then I called up your brother Bobby thought I’d get some kind of answer He said he through him down the stairs nearly broke the bastards back Good job Bobby! Well I know you’re out there somewhere but we’re both so far from home And if it feels alright and you hear my voice,then just pick up the damn telephone Maybe open up your window and pull out that old guitar Maybe play that song, you know, the one that goes deep down into my heart. I’m listening. You’re not invisible. c. Kevin Connolly 2020/Connolly Music (ASCAP)

Lost You get lost like a wave on the ocean Can get lost in the eyes of a girl Been working my way back through the woods I got lost in the ways of the world Lost in my thoughts when I’m dreaming down in the trenches I curled Well I bumped my head and broke my heart What am I gonna do Chorus: Better figure out where you’re going But you don’t know what you know When you’re lost. You followed him down to the river Deep in the water you flowed Love’s a depth that you won’t regret Tell me something that I just don’t know Chorus Bridge- Stuck on some horizon , one you cant keep eyes on and you don’t really know , who you are. When you’re lost Here comes the satellite system Here comes the fork in the road Maybe take a breath and make a bet See what happens if you just let go Maybe close your eyes and see what happens sometimes if you just let go c. Kevin Connolly/ Kevin Connolly Music (ASCAP)

Malecon Waiting for the bus outside on the street under an old Havana moon Starts to rain on the Malecon and the clouds seem so far away marooned And the Russians drinking wine Speaking Belarus Fuck the wind and the dumpster heat got to find some way to get myself to you Stuck in Varadero with a bucket full of beer and a blistering tattoo the window flaps a lonely beat on the concrete walls colored coral blue A street dog with mascara painted black and crude Runs away every night from me like a whisper of every thing we knew And I’m practicing the dance Like I’m holding on so true Making circles in the night Gonna dance my way to to you Solo Chorus And I’m practicing the dance And the rain is pouring through And the gutters full of rain Gotta find a way to get myself to you c. Kevin Connolly 2020/Connolly Music (ASCAP)

Till You Get Home I walk these streets and the time goes by A dirty city you can crawl inside Slippery stones and the ice is wet One more block might just do the trick The ships sail out on the St. Laurent The currents quick but they must go on Broken windows and paint is peeling I’m getting used to the cold up here Chorus: I’m walking round and the wind just blows I’m walking round and the time (hoping time) just goes I’m doing circles and don’t know why Till you get home, till you get home So far away up in Katmandhu I guess you’ll do what you gotta do Climbing mountains and looking down But will be here when you hit the ground Your brother beats me you know its true Your mother’s cooking up plans for you Your dog just sits in her sleeper cell And I’m a mess if you couldn’t tell Chorus Been working here up in Montreal The now goes sideways but don’t hit the ground One more day till I cross that border They say down south its a little warmer But all these places just disappear I close my eyes and then you are here We’ll laugh and sing and we get real crazy Until then its just day to day Chorus

I go where you go The years are falling down just like cedars We're in a forest, don't make a sound Been holding hard on to one another 25 years, 25 down 25 down And though we say the same shit over and over We both know how lucky we are It still gets me once in a while We're holding steady, steady hang on Steady hang on We both like going in circles But there's only one way I really do know As we start heading into the sun For now on forever I go where you go, I go where you go We'll go all the way back to Capadochia We'll live in a cave, won't need that much room Chase the stars back into the desert Write on the walls make some good food make some really good food Chorus Bridge; And while there’s rooms for some improving It’s just the little things that move me Someday they'll be a new generation We'll fill them like pastries, fill them with hope And we'll spoil them with no expectations Cause all that they need, is just some good rope Just give them good rope

The Guy At The Back Of The Bar I see you standing by the bar swallowing your drinks Throwing out one liners like a ship about to sink With a gnat’s like inattention to the real things in your life You spit and scoff and talk above the people that I like And they are people who like music and it’s my song you suppress With your sports talk diatribe and your parade of arrogance So as you drool yourself to sleep, soil up your pants You talk and talk and talk and talk what a waste of fucking air So shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up ‘cause you’re not listening You might not like my music you might not like my song They might just hit you way down deep in a place that no one’s gone But these people who surround you and they tolerate the noise From a hole that spilling shit out into a room now full of lies They are lies of love and circumstance, lies you might suspect Lies I put in tight rhymes in the hope we might connect See we are similar in substance but we’re competing just the same These lies and lies and lies and lies it’s just a game we play So shut up shut up. shut up shut shut up cause your not listening Now its perfect quiet and I’ve ruined everything With my rude accusatory songs the kind I like to sing So no-one move a muscle we might have just arrived To a place where we can make a start won’t you come on for the ride So turn off your phone turn off your mind Feel your feet on the floor look someone in the eye Listen to the breath as it goes in and out of your body Be good to yourself if the world gets a little wobbly Try out some true kindness, how about a little compassion Let go of that anger boy its going out of fashion So shut up shut up. shut up shut shut up cause your not listening So shut up shut up. shut up shut shut up cause we’re not listening

The Ones You Love I slip and stumble sometimes mumble crawling round in fear Am I waiting to be sanctified while sipping on a beer Smoke rings mingle something tingles a reckoning for sure Am I calling out around the world or waiting for a cure When the road gets too rough Find a way to the ones you love when you feel it’s not enough Just get close to the ones you love You electrify my crooked smile Tangle me with tears Pushing prying always trying While I whistle way my fears And lately I’ve been listening to old forgotten songs And there you are in every one surrounding me with love And all this time was looking ‘round for something i could show while sitting right in front of me is everything know, everything I love Chorus Now every step every breath Along this crooked shore Sand slows down your heart until you need a little more Cause when you least expect it undetected it will show and the moon will move you to your knees the sun will steal your soul c. Kevin Connolly 2020/Kevin Connolly Music (ASCAP)

Gone Like a branch blowing in the evening Summer sun is slowly disappearing In the night when you lose all your feeling And it’s gone And she danced like shadows on the ceiling In her eyes, everything appearing Like a flame flickering a beacon Now she’s gone Now the radio Now the lamp post Is all that’s left behind There’s a police car with his lights on I follow him into the night To a place where everyone is kneeling With the same deserted feelings And you hide in shadows from your demons And pretend to be believers Here they come the liars and deceivers Now they’re gone And they’re gone. Go away. c.Kevin Connolly 2020/ Kevin Connolly Music (ASCAP)

Kitchen Wall Do you have your phone? Did you print your ticket? Your new computer, don’t forget to call sometime Is this the end, or the beginning? We’re going to miss you Though we know you’ll show them all Chorus: Something happened and it went too fast We didn’t plan this part at all Now we’re staring at the marks you made All along on the kitchen wall We did a good job, so I quit my day job It’s kind of quiet in this old house of ours Let’s go to Egypt or fly back to Barbados We’ll eat ripe tomatoes in the Nantucket fall Chorus: We’ll be all right, get used to quiet Did you say something, sorry I thought you said something Hold hands in public, go to wild parties I’ll try to make you laugh, hell I’ll even let you make me cry Something happened…. Is this the end, or a beginning? Copyright Kevin Connolly 2020/ Kevin Connolly Music (ASCAP)

When I Think About You Someones crying down by the water River don’t mind it just moves right through Back of my head is a conversation Pounding on the walls when I think about you Old crow sitting on a crooked fence Blind dog talking to a howling moon Every kind of human being in this bar staring down the band thinking bout you Chorus: You can tie up to a twisted tree Bury me alive in a hollow groove Chop me up with a butcher knife wouldn’t change a thing when I think about you Now here we sit in a wooden cave Stuck inside of this busted tune Can’t go out till the sun goes down Crawling on rocks think about you Chorus Someones crying down by the water River don’t mind it just moves right through Back of my head is a conversation Pounding on the walls when I think about you c. Kevin Connolly 2020/Kevin Connolly Music (ASCAP)

I know that it’s true Sometimes the good things don’t come easy Might be drowning in a puddle of regret But sometimes when the fog is moving out to sea You finally get things you want and then you get And even though your candle has been burning And you’ve been living life in shades of colored blue Take a look around and see where you are standing And I believe and I believe that its true You worked so hard and moved so many mountains Igniting like a wave out in the night Your a fire that’s moving fast across this cane fields Reminding us of how to live our lives Even though you will travel far away dear And someday we’ll disappear from your plain view We’re walking side by side next to your shadow And I believe, I believe that it’s true And now the air surrounding us is quiet And we hold each other close and wait for days We’ll find our way along this crooked path called life Down the deep ravines we’ll carry our own weight And even though you will travel high above us And sometime you’ll get lost and so confused Just put your hand upon that beating heart of yours Cause I believe, I believe that it’s true Cause I know, yeah I know that its true c. Kevin Connolly 2020/Kevin Connolly Music (ASCAP)

Talking To Myself Doing circles in the wind Keep holding back again Wrestle daily with my constant state of mind Since that rainy day you left Watched you take your final breath I’ve been talking to myself all the time I can’t seem to get around To see that stone that’s in the ground Though I hear from several people that it’s fine By a river or stream, someone planted a pine tree Just a place that I imagine in my mind Where are you when the sky turns blue? And where do you go out in the night Are you out there in the wind Whistling my friend I keep talking to myself all the time Wish I could call you on the phone Write a letter, read a poem Drink a beer out on the beach before the tide Comes rolling right on in Just to wash away the prints Of the places where we did walk side by side Where are you when the sky turns blue? And where do you go out in the night Are you out there in the wind Listening my friend I keep talking to myself all the time c. Kevin Connolly 2020/Kevin Connolly Music (ASCAP)