Writing and performing for over thirty years, Kevin Connolly has carved out his own way of writing American songs and earned a reputation as a passionate performer. Connolly has toured extensively in the U.S. and Europe while maintaining a strong presence and tie to his New England roots. Working the college and coffeehouse circuit solo, Kevin has also played major festivals including Newport Folk, SXSW, Kerrville Folk and Bumbershoot. He has opened up for a long list of notable artists including Indigo Girls, Huey Lewis, Todd Rundgren and Joan Osborne. Kevin’s songs have also appeared on network television shows and in major motions pictures as well as independent films.

Raised on Boston’s South Shore, Kevin comes from a musical family with composer/brother Jim Connolly, a fixture of the West Coast “New Music” scene. Early influences like John Prine, Tom Waits and Bob Dylan remain inspirations and guiding forces. Writing descriptive songs that capture something about regular life in America today has been a running theme and preoccupation. 


Weathervane Records is proud to announce the release of Kevin's 11th album- 'Invisible'. Twelve new original tunes, recorded during  the pandemic make for a unique piece of work at an interesting and pivotal period. 'Invisible' is a movement into a new phase of life with grown up kids, new opportunities and time to explore. Half of the songs were written pre-Covid and half during. And the songs cover a broad spectrum. The title cut ‘Invisible’ is a talking blues memory of an old friend. The Cuban influenced ‘Malecon’ is written from the perspective of an expat desperate for connection. ‘Kitchen Walls’ is about the marking of time in a family's life. And 'Lost' captures a feeling we all know with a subtle resolution.

All songs were recorded, mixed and produced by Kevin in his basement outside of Boston with tracks floated in from Frank Corby (drums) in Australia, brother James Connolly (fretless bass, toy piano, banjos etc.) in Santa Barbara and many other very talented musicians who lent a hand during this challenging but creatively rich time- including Jeff Allison, Niall Connolly, Todd Thibaud, Frank Arthor Drake, Sarah Mendelsohn, Scott Corneille, Joe Kessler and Chris Rival (who also mastered it).

'Invisible' is available for download here, as a limited run CD and on all major streaming networks including Spotify, Amazon, and Apple.