1. Invisible


Thought of you last night when the song came into my head
One of the ones we used to sing drinking wine sitting on the edge of your bed
About a person persevering through difficult conditions
Your harmonies and jagged voice used to get up under my skin
Then you asked me the prom and like a fool I just said no
We could have laughed our asses of making fun of everybody we know
Platonic we were, but no-one could understand
How we could love each other just as much just being real good friends
Down Canoe Tree street we’d glide in your grandma’s old Dodge Dart
Turn the headlights off the radio up and then just sail beneath the stars
It was stupid it was dangerous but under pine trees we would glide
Into another world where no-one else could hide..invisible
I was sitting at the bar at our last high school reunion
A little awkwardly at first I blabbered on about my kids
Then you told me about your job and how your husband beat you
I just looked down at the floor listened to every word you said
Just listening.
Then I wrote you a long letter but I got no real reply
Might have been too intense maybe tried to hard I hope I didn’t make you cry
Then I called up your brother Bobby thought I’d get some kind of answer
He said he through him down the stairs nearly broke the bastards back
Good job Bobby!
Well I know you’re out there somewhere but we’re both so far from home
And if it feels alright and you hear my voice,then just pick up the damn
Maybe open up your window and pull out that old guitar
Maybe play that song, you know, the one that goes deep down into my heart.
I’m listening. You’re not invisible.
c. Kevin Connolly 2020/Connolly Music (ASCAP)